My Fairytale Castle

I told the Let the Words Flow gang that I’d share pictures of “my castle”.  I’m finally doing it today.

One of the many perks of living in Germany is that there are castles everywhere.  Seriously, everywhere.  They’re like Waffle Houses in the southern US or Tim Horton’s in Canada (sans the fast food, of course).

One of these castles is right next to my home.  I can literally see it from my window.  And, boy, what a view!

It’s a real fairytale castle (or Schloss, as they’re called in German), complete with ivy and roses.  At any moment, you expect Rapunzel’s hair to come rolling down from the tower window or Prince Charming to ride through the gates.

It’s most stunning to gaze upon in the spring (see photo left) when the flowers are in bloom and the grass is it’s brightest green.  But it’s also beautiful in the fall (see photo right), when the ivy turns a deep, blood red.

It is a tiny Schloss, especially when compared to the monstrosities of Neuschwanstein or Schonbrunn.  All the same, I’d totally live there!

The castle (and a church behind) from a distance.

The castle’s front steps and crooked coat of arms.

An adorable guard house beside the front steps of the castle.

A knight slaying a dragon. Wicked cool, huh?

So there you have it.  The castle next to my house.  You can’t go inside.  It’s privately owned.  One day (when I’m rich and famous — haha) I’ll buy a castle of my very own.  And I promise, you can come visit.

You tell me: Do you have any cool landmark places by your home?  Or just the usual Starbucks? 😉