Thank YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.  I’m trying to celebrate here in Germany, but I don’t really have any of the usual foods.  Heck, I’ve got a chicken instead of a turkey.

All the same, I want to give thanks to all my online buddies.  I’ve met so many fantastic people — fellow readers, fellow writers, and fellow dreamers.  My blog, my twitter, and my writing-connections have grown a lot in the last year, and because of it, so has my smile.  (There’s a direct relationship between my grin and how many people I’ve befriended online.)

Today I also want to give thanks to my great crit-partners, Holly and KatThe Spirit-Hunters is where it is because of you, and I can never thank you enough for your help and support.

Thanks to the Let the Words Flow ladies for letting me into their ranks.  It’s so much fun being part of your community, sharing your laughs, and contributing to your blog.

Thanks to my agents, Sara Kendall and Joanna Volpe.  You gals ROCK.  I owe you a lot for pulling me and The Spirit-Hunters from the slush.  You’re the best, and I can’t wait to meet you for cocktails & cupcakes.

And finally, thanks to ALL MY COMMENTERS. You guys make my day with your thoughts, hilarity, and kindness.  I really appreciate the time you all take to stop by here as often as you do.