You Wish: a book recommendation

5 out of 5 stars.

I decided as a LTWF contributor, I really ought to read one of Mandy Hubbard‘s books (since she’s a fellow contributor). Based on the positive buzz everywhere, I expected her young adult novel You Wish to be entertaining .  What I did not expect was to LAUGH CONSTANTLY.  Or to IDENTIFY SO MUCH with the main character.

Kayla is a high school sophomore with a distaste for the popular crowd (whom she calls the Old Navy dress clique) and a taste for Chuck Taylors. When her mom throws her an enormous and unwelcome Sweet Sixteen party, Kayla angrily blows out the candles on her over-the-top birthday cake.  She wishes that “for once in her life, all her birthday wishes would come true”.

Well, luckily (or rather, unluckily) for Kayla, the wishes do come true — starting with a life size My Little Pony prancing around in her backyard.  And now she has 14 more wishes that have to come true (one a day), and there’s one she’s really dreading: on her 15th birthday, Kayla wished she’d get a kiss from Ben Mackenzie.

But, oh yeah — Ben Mackenzie may be the Crush of Her Life, but he’s also her best friend’s boyfriend…

This is book is HILARIOUS.  I haven’t laughed out loud at a book since Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries, yet You Wish had me giggling non-stop.  (Oh my gosh, the scenes with “Carson!”  I laugh just thinking about it.)

And did I mention I read this book in one sitting?  Yeah…  I picked it up for a mini-break from work, and ended up doing almost no work the entire day.  I had to know how Kayla was gonna deal with her wild wishes.  I had to know what the next wish would be.  I had to know if the kiss with Ben was gonna happen or not!!

So if you’re looking for something fun to read or you’re just in need of a laugh, definitely check out You Wish!

You tell me: Have you read You Wish or any other books by Mandy Hubbard?  What about other funny YA books you recommend?