Deception: a book recommendation

5 out of 5 stars.

Lee Nichol’s Deception is a read-in-0ne-sitting kinda book.  Eerie, exciting, and in possession of a truly Swoon-Worthy Guy, this is a great twist on paranormal YA.

Emma is home alone after her parents run off to visit her brother, and her antique-shop house is getting kinda creepy…  Weird visions and strange sounds.  Plus the kids at school aren’t treating her too well — turning you in for being an unattended minor isn’t the stuff normal friends do.  When her brother’s friend, Bennett, arrives to take her across the country, she doesn’t have much choice but to follow.

She starts life at a new school in New England, all the while trying to figure out where the heck her family has vanished to and why the heck she keeps seeing strange visions.  Why does she feel like she’s always been at this school?  What is her connection to Bennett (and why is he so darned attractive)?  And why does Emma have a constant sense that something lurks in the shadows — something that wants her dead…?

I LOVED THIS BOOK!  I feel like all the books I’ve read in the last few weeks have been chart-toppers for me.  This one was no exception, and I read it in a single evening.  So now I’m waiting on pins and needles for book 2 — Betrayal.

Emma was a funny character with a lot of spunk in the face of tough and harrowing situations…  A few of her reactions made me laugh-out-loud, and I was totally invested in her story.

And oh boy, did I mention how sexy Bennett is?  I think I should just mention it one more time…  The chemistry between he and Emma was tangible and had me wanting his darn J. Crew-model-looks as much as Emma did.

If you’re looking for mystery, paranormal, electric romance, or just pure entertainment, then definitely pick up Deception!

You tell me: Have you read Deception?  Any other ghost stories you recommend?  And tell me, did you think Bennett was as appealing as I did?