Steampunk Month — KAPOW!

It’s the second week of February — my favorite month of the year. For one, it’s my birthday month, so obviously that makes it extra-special with cherries on top. For two, um…there is no two. Or rather, I’m making a #2, and that is:

For the rest of this wonderful month, I’ll be sharing All Things Steampunk, Victoriana, and Gaslamp. Why?  Do we really need a reason?

Fine, fine.

It all began when the amazing Amanda Plavich suggested we do a steampunk photo shoot for a “special set of author photos”.  Um, can we say best idea EVER?  I’ve spent ages getting a costume together and browsing steampunk fashion online.  So fun.

PLUS, for the last few weeks, I’ve been immersed in my editorial revisions for The Spirit-Hunters, meaning  I’ve been immersed in Eleanor’s alternate 1876 Philadelphia where corpses rise from the grave and dashing inventors turn young ladies’ knees to jelly — to say nothing of the Centennial Exhibition!

All this gadgetry, corset-ry, and ghoul-etry have me itching for any and all steampunk I can get my hands on!

Seriously, guys, do you know another sub-genre that is just so much fun? I’ve taken to wearing silver steampunk lockets (you’ll see one is in my author photo!), Victorian style boots, and newsboy caps.

What makes steampunk (and it’s various relatives) so exciting and entertaining is that it has evolved beyond a mere sub-genre of fantasy/sci-fi into whole lifestyle. Steampunk conventions, steampunk jewelry, steampunk clothing and furniture and communities and art!  My inner geek (and my outer geek) just LOVE THIS STUFF.

Just check out these amazing steampunk stores (and no, I am in no way affiliated with these people; I just love their stuff!):

Or these great online steampunk communities:

Or these super fun-looking steampunk meetings and conventions (Oh, how I wish I lived on a different continent sometimes):

So now that I’ve introduced you to this AMAZING world of Zeppelins, goggles, and gadgets, let’s look at what’s coming the rest of this month:

Book recommendations of a steampunk/Victoriana/gaslamp nature

How to make your own steampunk goggles and gear


What is it about gears and clockwork and brass that make steampunk so appealing? Like, seriously, if you have an answer, please share it.


You tell me: Are you as enthralled by steampunk/Victorian stuff as I? Or are you kinda “meh”? Have you stumbled across any awesome steampunk stuff? Or do you have any steampunk-related recs for me?