Steampunk Month Wrap-Up (or should I say Wind-Up?)

And so, my clockwork friends and tinkering colleagues, steampunk month comes to a close. But I must say, it was an enormous success!! Lots of participation, lots of interest, and best of all, lots of fodder for future steampunk KAPOW!

During the month, all sorts of new Steampunk Stuff crossed into my radar–some came from blog comments, some from emails, some from tweets, and some from other online shout outs.

A Giant Thanks to Everyone Who Passed More Steampunk Goodness My Way

Videos shared:

  • Amazing (though somewhat long) animated steampunk movie.

  • This music video to Ben Lovett’s “Eye of the Storm” is downright COOL.ย  And, what makes it even more impressive is the behind-the-scenes video that shows just how all of this steampunk magic was made on a minuscule budget!

  • Ash sent Panic! at the Disco’s “The Ballad of Mona Lisa” onto my radar.ย  Trรจs awesome steampunk music video!

Music recommended:

I was shocked (and delighted!) to discover an HUGE culture of steampunk music!

Books recommended:

You tell me: Do you have any more recommendations?ย  Have I missed/forgotten to share something you told me about?