Something Strange and Deadly


Like, BIG AND IMPORTANT.  News that requires spreading around.

The Spirit-Hunters finally has a REAL NAME.

After months of brainstorming, debating, and head-scratching, we have finally settled on the official title for book 1 in Eleanor’s 3-book saga.

And here’s what it is:

Something Strange and Deadly

Yes, that is the OFFICIAL TITLE for book 1.  No more working title of The Spirit-Hunters, when you take a gander at Goodreads, it will say Something Strange and Deadly.

When you look on Facebook or Twitter or my website or ANYWHERE, it will say Something Strange and Deadly.

I’m ridiculously excited.  The HarperCollins marketing team has indicated this title is commercial and therefore OKAY.  More importantly, I love the title.

And wanna know something cool? My agent was the one who suggested it!  During a Very Official Brainstorming Session at a cupcake shop in NYC, and over a Very Official round of sangria, Sara Kendall said, “What if we call it Something Strange and Deadly?”

Editor Maria Gomez, Agent Joanna Volpe, and I gave a collective, “Ooooooh….”  And then we all repeated it about twenty-five times with lots of giggles interspersed.

Although we decided on that title back in January, we still spent 2 months making up more. I think we must of have written about a hundred different options…but ultimately, we (read: HarperCollins marketing) settled on this one!

So there you have it, my friends!

Something Strange and Deadly

will be available in bookstores 2012!

You tell me: WHADDAYA THINK!?!?!?!?