Query Critique Day: Dreaming Up My Brother

♥ Time for some community feedback! ♥

Yahong Chi was the lucky second “winner” from March’s Query Day, and so her shiny, revised query is now ready for some group feedback!

As always, be HELPFUL, be gentle, and leave your comments below.


Dear [agent]:

Fourteen-year-old Georgia Castleforté knows the secrets dreams can yield. How could she not, with renowned shrinks as parents? But for Georgia to dream up a long-lost brother, now that’s pretty major; even more so when her parents brush her off and don’t even pull her into one of their “dream interpretation” sessions. Something’s up. Georgia’s determined to figure out if she actually does have a brother and, more importantly, why her parents wouldn’t want her to know.

But when the clues in her dream world show Georgia that her parents sacrificed her brother in a deal for something more dear to them than a human being, her beliefs and family foundations blow up beneath her. To get back any semblance of a whole family, Georgia must reverse the age-old consequences of an injustice made long ago— an injustice done by her very own parents. And that makes what happened to her brother— and why— all the more difficult to face.

DREAMING UP MY BROTHER, a contemporary young adult novel, is complete at 61,000 words.

I am a member of CANSCAIP (the Canadian Society of Children’s Authors, Illustrators & Performers). My work for children has been published in Skipping Stones, Zamoof! and Teen Voices. I am also a children’s book reviewer for CM: Canadian Review of Materials, What If? and Canadian Children’s Book News.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Yahong Chi


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