Soundtracks to your Novel

I’ve talked about music before. It is the BIGGEST influence on my writing.  I like finding pictures, reading other novels, and watching movies, but ultimately, music makes me FEEL more than any other medium.

I love movie scores, orchestral performances, and opera.  This part in Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade literally makes me cry. Have you ever heard anything SO EPIC? (Especially the bit at 1:16)

And what about the Overture to Don Giovanni by Mozart? It’s dark and sneaky, and then at 2:36 it lifts to such joyful heights, I get chills all over!

All this musical love means that when I write, I set up play lists that I listen to on repeat.  The music keeps me on track for the FEEL of the story, and it lets my imaganation run wild.

When I discover more tunes that inspire me for that particular novel, they get added onto the playlist in the proper order.

What do you mean by proper order, you ask?

I mean this: I write my novels in scenes.  Each scene plays out in my head like a movie–especially the action and romance scenes!  We’re talking slow-mo, zoom outs, camera angles, and everything (and no, I know nothing about film vocabb–can you tell?).  As such, certain songs go with certain scenes.

For example, here’s a piece that I listened to A LOT while I wrote Something Strange and Deadly.  This goes to a high energy scene in which Eleanor has just made a BIG decision that changes the course of the story, and now she’s gotta RUN FOR HER LIFE.

And this one is for  The Kiss.  This kiss hasn’t been written yet…it will come at the end of the Something Strange and Deadly series (and no, I won’t tell you who is involved in this kiss).  In my mind, the world is tatters, the heroes are worn and exhausted, but they also know they have each other. They know they saved the day, and everything will get better…

If you’re interested in hearing more, I have the “soundtracks” on my Youtube page.  Not every song is on there since not every piece was available on Youtube, but maybe you can discover some awesome new tunes for your own writing playlist!

You tell me: Do you have any musical pieces that inspire you?  Do certain pieces go to certain novels or scenes?  SHARE THEM!! I LOVE hearing more music!