Don’t forget to get your applications ready…

Because today is The Day.  Submissions for Writing for Young Adults go live at 5 PM eastern time (which is EDT, and this is what time it is FOR ME RIGHT NOW).  You can try to figure out your own time zone here.

And remember: we’re only taking the FIRST SIX APPLICANTS. (For more info on the workshop, head here.)

These are the items that will be on the form:

Name (first and last, please!)

Email Address

Location (so we can coordinate time zones! Example: La Quinta, California, USA)

Length and Status of your YA Manuscript (example: 30k written, incomplete manuscript; or 90k completed manuscript)

Please provide us with a brief (a few sentences) summary of your YA novel.

How/Where did you hear about this workshop?

If you have any questions, email me, Susan (at) SusanDennard (dot) com; Sarah, SarahJMaas (at) gmail (dot) com; or the Workshop’s email, Nautilus (dot) Writing (at) googlemail (dot) com.

We hope to see you soon!!