Happy Halloween and Giveaway Winners!

Happy Halloween!

This is my favorite holiday!  For one, any excuse to wear costumes and eat candy is pretty awesome. For two, I just love this time of year–the leaves are changing color and the air is ripe with that potential only autumn has. For three (probably the best reason EVER), I met my husband at a Halloween party.

Unfortunately, no one really celebrates Halloween in Germany, so all the costume-wearing and candy-consumption in the area falls to me this year…

I’m sure I’ll manage somehow.

Over on Let the Words Flow, we’re sharing our favorite scary stories and thrilling books. No surprise mine is House of Leaves, and speaking of that terrifying tome, I should announce the giveaway winner:


Email me with your mailing address: susan (at) susandennard (dot) com!

BUT, there’s one more giveaway going on. It’s a SUPER SEKRIT GIVEAWAY because it’s hidden somewhere on my website. Each month, there’s a new book to be won.

October’s book is Ashes by Ilsa Bick, and the winner is:


Email me with your mailing address: susan (at) susandennard (dot) com!

Be sure to scour the website for the giveaway spot. November’s book is another one of my faves. 😉

AND NOW, let’s go back to Halloween.

More importantly, let’s talk Halloween candy. My favorite is a purely processed concoction you either love or loathe:

candy corn!

Sadly, it doesn’t exist in Germany… 🙁

You tell me: What’s your favorite Halloween treat? And are you dressing up for the holiday?