80s Pop is the Best

Confession: I love 80s pop.

Like, LOVE 80s pop.

If you want to guarantee that I get up and dance like an idiot, then put on the Pet Shop Boys.

In fact, 80s music has been the inspiration behind myNaNo WIP, Purely Platonic. There’s just SO MUCH ANGST to be had from those 80s synthesizers, who doesn’t feel the need to write funny YA contemporary? (Er, right?)

But, if there’s one thing I almost love more than the 80s music, it’s the 80s music videos. The cheese factor is so high. AND SO AMAZING.

I mean, let’s just take a look at this gem from Aha.

As for this this one from the Pet Shop Boys: downright HI-FREAKING-LARIOUS.

And this video–can Curt Smith get ANY MORE EMOTIONAL?

This one…well, it’s They Might be Giants. Everything they touch turns to GENIUS.

As for this classic from Dexy’s Midnight Runners…well…just look at those overalls…and the dancing…and the all-around awfulness that is this video. At least the song is amazing.

Honestly, there’s only one thing better than 80s music videos…and that’s 80s CARTOONS!!!

You tell me: got any favorite 80s pop videos? Or just a favorite music video at all worth sharing? Or favorite CARTOON?