No internet–ACK!

So, I have no internet.

::insert ENORMOUS SIGH::

My router isn’t working, and because we live in Germany, there is no way to get the broken router fixed on a Sunday (or anytime soon, it would seem).

And because we live in the middle of nowhere, the nearest internet café is 20 miles away.

The Frenchman and I drove to said internet café. It apparently no longer EXISTS.

Now, I find myself at the only place one can get wifi in Germany (if one does not live in The Big City; I do not live in The Big City)…McDonald’s. And it costs a whopping 8 euro per hour…

Seeing as it typically takes me a solid hour or more to write a blog post, I didn’t think I could feasibly write quality content before my overpriced internet connection ran out.

So instead, you all are cursed with my complaining and melodramatic stream-of-consciousness ramblings (because these do NOT take an hour to write). 😉

And you are cursed with the 3 upsetting things I have learned about myself since the internet died yesterday afternoon.

  1. I am 100% reliant on the internet to communicate with all of my friends. But more concerning is that all of my “business” happens online–contact with my agent, emailing edits to a CP/agent/editor, writing blog posts, answering blog comments, and so on. Without the internet, a HUGE portion of my job simply cannot happen…
  2. I waste SO MUCH TIME ONLINE. The productivity of my writing quadrupled when the internet died (well, once I stopped frantically trying to get the internet to work again). I not only beat my writing goal but I also READ AN ENTIRE BOOK. From start to finish. O_O
  3. Despite the revelations of #2, I cannot actually live without the internet (because of #1). So I have to come up with some way to cut back my internet…sounds easy, but I have the self-control of a gummi-bear-addict (and as a former gummi-bear-addict, I can tell you, there is NO self-control).

Well, my 1 hour of painfully expensive internet is almost up, so I’d best sign off. I’ll write again as soon as my internet is returned!