2012 is here, and I’ve had ARCs for almost three months now…but it was always too early to give them out. (You know, seeing as the book doesn’t release until July.)

But now…NOW, my friends, the time has come

::drum roll::

YOU can win an ARC of Something Strange & Deadly!

(Have I made this all sound suitably melodramatic, or what?)

My wonderful friend, critique partner, and fellow writer, Holly Dodson, is offering five people a chance to join an ARC tour for Something Strange & Deadly.

Holly was my VERY first CP for Something Strange & Deadly. She read it in all its horrible glory (it was still in third person back then!), and gave me tons of stellar feedback (like changing it to first person!). This book literally would not be what it is today without her.

So what is this ARC tour exactly?  It’s pretty straightforward. Five readers will ship the ARC from one person to the next–i.e. if the ARC is sent to you, you read it and then send it to the next person in line.

Now, how do you get a chance to be on said ARC tour? All you have to do is fill out the form on Holly’s blog. Next week, she’ll choose FIVE winners.

To really add some icing to the cake, Holly is giving you five chances to enter the contest!  Each day of this week, a different blog is going to feature Something Strange & Deadly (EEEEE!!! I feelz like a celeb.). Every time you read and comment on the posts, you get another chance to win a slot on the ARC tour!  You can also get an extra entry each day you tweet about the contest.

The schedule:

This was 100% Holly’s idea, and she has orchestrated the entire thing. I cannot express to you guys how much this means to me–how touched I am that she has gone so far out of her way to help me spread the word aboutSomething Strange & Deadly. Even if you’re not interested in reading the ARC, you’ve gotta at least admit that Holly is made of pure badassery. 😉

But if you ARE interested in winning a slot on the ARC tour and a chance to read Something Strange & Deadly, then be sure to head over to Holly’s blog and sign up!! 

You tell me: Is this something you’d be interested in doing? Or do you have any ideas for future ways I can get my ARC in lots of reviewing-hands?