Have a Necro-romancy Valentines Day

Zombie Love by Juny, via deviantart

Ahh, grandparents. Sometimes the generational gap is just too much for them to try to understand.

And my book is one of those things that my grandfather simply cannot fathom. In his own words, Something Strange & Deadly is a beautifully written book, but the story is just awful.

“Why do you wanna go and write about those spirits and necro…necro-romancers? Are all your books about that crap?”

“No, Papa,” I answered, gritting my teeth and baring a smile. “They’re not all about spirits and necromancers. And I told you that this is not the kind of book you would enjoy.”

“Well, you were right.”

Fortunately, my step-grandmother just said, “I started it, Susan,  but the first time I saw those decrepit, rotting corpses, well…I just stopped.”

Honestly, that’s a better reaction than my grandfather’s. Now all I hear non-stop from him is little jibes about my book–“You’d think Susan lived in a graveyard!” or “I don’t like all that necro-romancy” or “Your other books don’t have that crap in ’em, do they?”


I really wish he could have just admired the darn ARC from afar instead of feeling compelled to read the entire thing (and trust me, he really did read it since he was asking me very specific questions about the story).

But I suppose I should also be flattered that my 88-year-old grandfather forced himself through a story he hated simply because he was proud of me. And flattered that he at least found my writing “beautiful”.

OR, how about instead, I just react by giggling uproariously with my mother at the term “necro-romancy”. Or rolling my eyes at the fact that clearly my grandfather is not my target audience…oh, and chuckling because he thought I was the model on the cover (that’s quite a compliment, so I’ll take it. ;)).

And now, I’m in “love” with the word Necro-romancy. It’s like Love + Zombies = Necro-romancy, and you know, there’s definitely both of those things in Something Strange & Deadly!

So, tomorrow, if you have Valentine’s Day plans, I suggest you include some zombies for a little extra spice…and to help you out, I’ve got a GIVEAWAY!

You choose TWO books from this undead-lovin’ collection:

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and tell me YOUR funny generational-gap stories

or else tell me YOUR favorite “necro-romancy” style book!

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