Musical Monday of EPICNESS

So, I didn’t put a book rec up yesterday…


The worst is, I knew I was skipping it–like, I didn’t forget to put up a post…I just HAVEN’T READ A BOOK IN WEEKS. There’s just been so, so, so much going on, reading hasn’t happened at all.

But I have been clocking in a lot of driving hours, and a lot of driving means a lot of listening to music (and subsequent daydreaming story ideas).

Here’s what’s been blasting from my speakers:

This is my EPIC CHASE/FIGHT SCENE MUSIC, and I owe Sarah J. Maas soooo much for introducing me to the Transformers score. I mean, the epicness in this next song just can’t be contained!

Talk about finale battle music…Then we have the X-Men First Class original score. Magneto’s theme is just full of so much badassery, while the X-Men Training tune is 100% TRAINING MONTAGE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS!

Sarah also introduced me to the movie Gladiator (which I had somehow never seen…O_O), and that got me hooked on the wonderfully epic soundtrack.

Ahh, I love it! Although, it IS a bit similar to Hans Zimmer’s other well-known EPIC MUSIC from Pirates of the Caribbean

Similar or not, thought, I love the Pirates scores. I listened to practically nothing else when I wrote A Darkness Strange and Lovely.

But what about you? What musical scores or tunes are YOU listening to right now?