My life is a wee bit scattered right now

Asimov has a new sister...

Or maybe “really scattered” is more accurate.

Our new house doesn’t have internet, nor does it have much furniture. As such, my work is conducted on the kitchen floor with regular trips to Places of Free Wifi.

Oh, and did I mention we got a new puppy?

For those of you who HAVEN’T seen my frequent pics up on Twitter, then I introduce the latest addition to my family:

Allow me to introduce her Worshipfulness,

Princess Leia.

Or just Leia, for short.

Or That Darned Puppy. She pretty much comes to any word emitted in a high-pitched squeal.

She’s a 4-month old poodle/terrier mix, and WOW is she a handful. A sweet, fun, adorable handful, of course. 😉

So essentially, my life consists of trying to get work done, repainting what few items of furniture I currently possess, and running around cleaning up teeny puddles of puppy pee.

Ah, the joys of house training…

But at least Asimov has a playmate, and it’s so entertaining to watch them. She chases after him everywhere he goes, just like a little sister who wants nothing more than to impress her big brother. I keep imagining her shouting, “WAIT FOR ME!” a là the little rabbit in Robin Hood.

I’m totally smitten (as I tend to get with animals of any kind. Except for snails. I’m not a huge snail person. Okay, and roaches. BLECH.).

You tell me: What are you up to right about now? Hopefully something more exciting than I…