Need help revising? NaNoEdMo starts soon!

Did you write a novel in a month during the hideous (yet exhilarating) NaNoWriMo? Or perhaps you’ve just got a novel lying around that needs some serious TLC.

Are you lost on where to begin? Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer thought of revising? Am I starting to sound too much like an infomercial?

Then, have I got the solution for you!

National Novel Editing Month!

Okay, yes, I’m partial to it because I think group-working situations are way more productive and motivating than solo-slogging…And yes, I’m partial to it because I think revisions are the MOST important step of the writing-for-publication process.

And alright, alright–you caught me. Yes, I’m partial because I have a guest article popping up some time during this AWESOME month. 😉

So go check out NaNoEdMo and get started on revising your novel!

Oh, and if you have any questions–any questions at all about revising for yourself, for an agent, for an editor; about line edits versus revisions; about finding the problems with your story and ALL that jazz; then don’t hesitate to ask below!

You tell me: is NaNoEdMo something you’d ever take part in? Got any pressing revisions-related questions?

Also, for something completely unrelated, come say “hi” to our newest member on Pub(lishing) Crawl! Amie Kaufman is a good–albeit recent–friend of mine. We got to know each other when she interviewed me for the Lucky 13s, and when we started reading each others’ stuff. Let me tell you: this gal can write! And I’m just so, so, so happy she’s joining our little writing/reading gang.