Publishing Industry Lowdown (June 11-June 15)

It’s that day again–time for Sooz’s YA and MG Publishing Industry Lowdown. The general idea is that I share all the deals I know 0f in the young adult and middle grade publishing world each Friday.

My source for deal news is Publishers Marketplace, which requires a paid subscription. As such I’m only sharing part of the information here–basically, just author names and pitches. If you want to know deal sizes (e.g. advances), editors, publishers, and agents, I highly recommend you sign up for PM–it’s totally worth the cost!

Guys, I FORGOT to post this week. Like, LITERALLY FORGOT. And suddenly, it’s 5 in the evening on Friday, and I haven’t posted since Monday.

I might have gone into minor panic mode, so please, PLEASE accept my apology for being slow and absent.

Now on to the deals, shall we?


Charise Mericle Harper’s middle grade JUST GRACE AND THE SUPER SLEEPOVER and JUST GRACE GETS CRAFTY,  for publication in fall 2013.

Trisha Wolfe’s young adult FIREBLOOD, set in a futuristic utopian society based on Camelot in which a girl, a prince, and his knights must forge a path to the truth before the deadly lies that power their world separate and destroy them, pitched as The Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones, in a two-book deal, for publication in October 2013.

Beth Neal’s young adult MY LAST KISS, when a seventeen-year-old girl dies and can appear to her boyfriend, she learns that her death may not have been an accident, and must delve into her past to face all the decisions she made, good and bad, that led to her last kiss.

Colleen Boyd’s young adult SWAMP ANGEL, in which a teenage boy is saved from death by a swamp angel, and their blossoming friendship teaches him the true meanings of courage and sacrifice, for publication in December 2012.

Susanne Winnacker’s young adult IMPOSTOR, the story of a girl who uses her shape-shifting ability to assume the identity of a teenage murder victim and solve the mystery of a small-town serial killer, pitched as X-Men meets The Zodiac Killer, in a two-book deal.

Stephanie Faris’s middle grade 30 DAYS OF NO GOSSIP, in which, after spilling a big secret, a middle-school gossip queen is challenged to change her ways – or lose her BFF for good, for publication in Spring 2014..

Adriana Schanen’s middle grade QUINNY PLUS HOPPER, in which two polar-opposite eight year olds who become summer best friends find their friendship threatened by the uncertainties of a new school year.

NYT bestselling author of the Mistborn trilogy, Brandon Sanderson’s first YA series, beginning with STEELHEART, about a teenager in the city that was once called Chicago, as he searches for the powerful Epic (who possesses the strength of 10 men and can control the elements) named Steelheart, who killed his father, and joins with the Reckoners try to undo the dystopia the Epics have created, for publication beginning in fall 2013, in a three-book deal.

NYT bestselling author of HOTHEAD and SUPER SIZED SLUGGER and the forthcoming middle grade WILD PITCH and baseball hall-of-famer Cal Ripken, Jr.’s next three novels in the ALL-STAR SERIES.

(Source: Publisher’s Marketplace)

You tell me: Do YOU have any big news to share?