Publishing Industry Lowdown (June 18-June 22)

It’s that day again–time for Sooz’s YA and MG Publishing Industry Lowdown. The general idea is that I share all the deals I know 0f in the young adult and middle grade publishing world each Friday.

My source for deal news is Publishers Marketplace, which requires a paid subscription. As such I’m only sharing part of the information here–basically, just author names and pitches. If you want to know deal sizes (e.g. advances), editors, publishers, and agents, I highly recommend you sign up for PM–it’s totally worth the cost!

So, this week might win the record for the least deals ever posted. I mean, it is summer, which means the schedules are different, but…w0w. I’ll admit I’m a little stunned.


THE PICKY LITTLE WITCH illustrator Marsha Riti’s illustrations for Callie Barkley’s middle grade THE CRITTER CLUB, a young chapter book series, starring four girls who are bent on saving the “lost and lonely” animals in their town, in a four-book deal.

Daphne Benedis-Grab’s young adult THE GIRL IN THE WALL, in which a teen’s luxurious weekend birthday party is taken hostage, and she flees to the hidden tunnels in her family’s mansion while the rest of her friends, including her former BFF, are trapped in the living room, and soon the teens on both sides of the wall find themselves fighting for their lives.

Author of William C. Morris YA Debut Award finalist and 2012 ALA Top Ten Best Fiction for Young Adults selection THE GIRL OF FIRE AND THORNS Rae Carson’s new young adult trilogy, about a teenage girl with the rare magical ability to scry for gold, which sets her on a perilous journey against incredible odds during an epic and tumultuous rush west.

(Source: Publisher’s Marketplace)


 I am still shocked O_O at how quiet this week was. Like. Whoa.

In other news, MONDAY IS REALLY IMPORTANT. Why? Because, to celebrate the final month leading up to SS&D’s release, we’re unveiling the Official Something Strange and Deadly website and a month-long Scavenger Hunt…

PLUS, anyone who completes the Scavenger Hunt will get instant access to giveaways and Super Secret Content. For the first week, we’re revealing the OFFICIAL BOOK TRAILER!


The website is filled with extra content–content that I’ll be adding to over the next month and after the book’s release as well–and I’m just so darn excited to finally share all this with you!

Anyways, I’ll put a post Monday linking to the new site and everything. 🙂

You tell me: Do YOU have any big news to share?