Something Strange & Deadly Book Trailer and Website Reveal!

So this technically wasn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow, but I fear the page was leaked early….

As such, I’ll just jump the gun and post my own reveal early! I feel like I should open this with a drum roll or something, but alas…you’ll just have to imagine it. 😉

The Official Something Strange and Deadly website is now live!

As some of you know, I spent a long time working on it and building up all the extra content to supplement (and hopefully enhance one’s enjoyment of) the book. And now, with 29 days until release, we’re opening the official website to the public.

In addition to the website, we’re kicking off a bunch of giveaways! Here’s what you can win this week:

a pre-order of Something Strange and Deadly

2 signed bookplates

But wait–THERE’S MORE.

If you complete the Scavenger Hunt (which is really quite easy), you can win

a spot on Holly Dodson’s ARC tour

a signed copy of Something Strange and Deadly

an official book swag pack (with trading cards, t-shirt, bookplates, and more!)

Possibly even more exciting than the secret giveaways, though, is the Official Book Trailer. If you complete the Scavenger Hunt, you get to be THE FIRST to see it! It won’t go public for another week or two, and only people who complete the Hunt get access to view it!

(Side note: remember when I talked about secret projects? Well, the book trailer was mine. I’m really pleased by how it turned out, but I’m both terrified and elated to finally share it with the world.)

You tell me: Do you like interactive websites and extra content for books? Or is that the sort of thing you’d never do…? (Be honest! I’d like to know this for future books!)