NaNoWriMo 2012, Week 2 Midway Motivator

WOOHOO! We are now HALWAY through NaNoWriMo!

How are you all doing? I’m pleased with where things are going, though….I’ll be honest, I definitely lost a lot of steam this week. I got my revision letter for the novella, which makes that #1 priority over NaNo. BUT, thanks to these daily #NaNoWriMoBattles, I’m still hammering out a decent word count each day.

Hooray for camaraderie!

This week, my jam has been primarily this track from (of all things) Madagascar. Yet again, it’s Hans Zimmer. Clearly I am obsessed with his composition style.

Like I did last week, I thought I’d share some raw, unrevised words. DON’T JUDGE.

So basically, Eleanor, Jie, Allison Wilcox, and Laure Primeau (whom you have not yet met, but will in book 2), are crashing a fancy party at the famous Boulaq Museum in Cairo–back when Boulaq was still the sight of the National Egyptian Museum. But of course, things don’t go according to plan at all.

But before Allison could part her lips, James called out, “Guards! Guards! Get this nuisance of a child out of my party.”

Instantly, people reared away from us. This was not going according to plan. So snatching Allison’s wrist, I yanked her—hard—after me.

“We’re leaving!” I shouted, in case anyone cared enough to listen. Then we bolted back through the party and toward the entrance hallway. Once there, I had to forcibly drag Allison left as she shouted several nasty things back over her shoulder.

“You’re the criminal here!” Allison roared. “I hope a mummy eats you, you coward! This is isn’t over—eep!” I shoved her behind the sarcophagus and crouched down, tugging her with me.

“Stay quiet!” I ordered. Then I peered around the stone’s edge. There was no sign of Laure or Jie, but there was most assuredly sign of several Egyptian guards responding to James’s shouts.

“Eleanor,” Allison whispered.

“Hmmm?” I squinted to see all the way to the end of the hall, but it was hard to tell which figures were statues and which were people.

“There’s something glowing in your pocket.”

“What?” I jerked my gaze down. Sure enough, a faint blue glow pulsed inside my gown’s pocket…and there was only one item in there.

I yanked out the ivory fist, gaping at the bright light.

You tell me: how’s your NaNo-ing going? Are you on track? And do you want to share a clip of what you’ve written? Leave it in the comments or on your own blog! 😀

And, as always, be sure to stop by the NaNo forum hosted by me, Sarah Maas, Beth Revis, Jessica Spotswood, Erin Bowman, Jessica Khoury, Gennifer Albin, Robin LaFevers, and….many others. We’ve had a lot of great questions come through.

Ooh, and the Pinterest board is still running with inspirational quotes and images…and the giveaway is still open to entries!

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