A Darkness Strange and Lovely Updates & Giveaways!!

This will be brief and to the point because I have a million things going on. 🙂 That said, I promise a Real Post with Real Content on Monday (it’ll be over on Pub Crawl).

Update #1: The blog tour is in full swing! There is a HUGE AND EPIC giveaway going on for 5 hardcovers of A Darkness Strange and Lovely + 5 paperbacks of Something Strange and Deadly + 5 e-novellas of A Dawn Most Wicked.

Here are the various stops we’ve had so far:

There are more to come next week, so stay tuned! Oh, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! 😉

Update #2: I’m over on YA Book Reads, where two wonderful readers are doing a A Darkness Strange and Lovely Release Day Countdown Extravaganza. There is, yet again, an EPIC GIVEAWAY for copies Something Strange and Deadly + A Darkness Strange and Lovely + signed swag! Enter the giveaway here, and then read a review of A Dawn Most Wicked and a review of Something Strange and Deadly. Oh! And don’t miss part 1 of an interview with ME!

Update #3: Because I guess there just aren’t enough giveaways on the internet yet ;), you can ALSO win a signed paperback of Something Strange and Dealdy and a signed hardcover or A Darkness Strange and Lovely over on Steampunk Coffee Time Romance! They’ve also got some fun games to go along with the giveaway, so be sure to stop by!

Update #4: Pitch Dark is sharing my top 5 Party Tips for Your Next 1876 Parisian Ball!

The most important tip? Practice your Grecian Bend, of course! You don’t want to offend the men by standing up too straight…;)

But seriously, a ball or party of any kind during 1876 was no minor matter. All the rules and etiquette and miserable corsets. I’m sure young ladies (and young men) had fun at them, but I honestly cannot comprehend quite HOW.

Though, I do suppose Eleanor manages to enjoy her first ball in A Darkness Strange and Lovely

TEASER ALERT THERE! Oops…but that leads me to…

Update #5: You can read the first 85 pages of A Darkness Strange and Lovely over on Pitch Dark or just skim through it below! Quite a lot happens in those first 85 pages–I mean, goodness, you’ll have read almost a quarter of the book! BEFORE IT EVEN RELEASES.

A Darkness Strange and Lovely by EpicReads

That’s pretty cool if you ask me. 😉

Update #6: This is the last update–I promise. Basically, you’re cordially invited to a Twitter Launch Party on Monday. I don’t know the time, but I’ll blast those details as soon as I know them. THERE’LL BE MORE GIVEAWAYS.

In case you can’t tell, I want to give  my books to as many people as possible. That’s why I write, isn’t it? To share!

Then, not only will there be more stuff to win on Monday, but today will feature some sneaky giveaways on Twitter–for ARCs of A Darkness Strange and Lovely. SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!!!

And now I will leave you all alone to enjoy your Friday…