SS&D Book Club, Week 1 Discussions!

Hey guys!! Thank you for an AWESOME first week in our book club discussion! It was really cool to read everyone’s answers.

If you’d still like to join in on the discussions, then that’s TOTALLY cool and I’d love to have you! Just be sure you sign up for it on this form. 🙂

If you missed my video on Wednesday, be sure to check out my atrocious reading skills. I tried to at least make all the background and music pretty, to compensate for my painful audio-book skills. Still, I hope you enjoy this brief excerpt!

If you haven’t yet stopped by the Epic Reads discussion board, please do! They’ve got some fun conversations going on–including a discussion of our question this week. To remind you, the question was:

Eleanor finds herself with next to nothing at the start of A Darkness Strange and Lovely. Do you think she is justified in leaving Philadelphia and leaving behind her mother? On the flip side, can you put yourself in Mrs. Fitt’s shoes and understand why she might be so cruel toward Eleanor?

The most common response seems to be that yes, Mrs. Fitt was in fact justified given the time period…but that it doesn’t necessarily make her right. She should still have give poor Eleanor a bit more love. 🙁

Of course, not everyone said that–there was an awesome diversity in how you all responded and your reasoning. I gotta be honest: it was super fun for me to read.

Below are links to all of the discussions that YOU have shared with me so far, so feel free to hop around and interact with each other. 🙂

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Epic Reads

Week 1 Comments Section

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It’s a Book Thing

YA Book Lover


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JR Squared

Tween 2 Teen

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Henny Penny

Nikki/Take Me Away

Read, Breathe, Read

Midnight Coffee Monster


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The Page Sage 

The Observant Girl


Beauty But a Funny Girl

Lori T.

Working for the Mandroid


Dazzled by Books

YA Book Fanatic

Caitlin & Laura Youtube it up!


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And of course, you still have until Sunday night to answer the week 1 discussion question and be eligible for this week’s prize (a copy of TAKEN by Erin Bowman and a signed copy of SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY or A DARKNESS STRANGE AND LOVELY).

You can find the week 1 form here.

Now stay tuned for the week 2 discussion, which will land in your inbox on Monday! And THANKS AGAIN for all your awesome responses. 😀