Something Strange & Deadly Book Club Week 2

Welcome to week 2 in the Something Strange & Deadly book club!

If you missed the line-up of  discussions last week, be sure to head here. I’ve got the full list of people who’s shared their responses with me via the participation prize form and week 1 giveaway form.

Speaking of giveaways…The winner of the first week’s prizes–a copy of Taken by Erin Bowman, a signed copy of SS&D or ADS&L, and signed swag–is…

Kate at the YA Book Fanatic!

Thank you to everyone who participated, and look below for THIS week’s prizes. 😉

Oh, and–whether you participate in this book club or not–you’ll definitely want to stop by the Epic Reads discussion board! So far they’ve…

Now, just in case you’re late joining this, here’s how the book club works: I have the week’s discussion questions (one for book 1 and one for book 2) below. You have all of August to answer these, and you can answer them anywhere on the web (that’s publicly visible, of course).

If you don’t want to answer this week’s discussion question, that’s fine! You can chime in next week…or even in the final week. One discussion qualifies you for the participation prize. 🙂 What is the prize? A copy of the e-novella A Dawn Most Wicked or an exclusive cut scene from A Darkness Strange and Lovely.

Of course, if you want to be eligible for this week’s EPIC giveaway, you’ll want to be sure you answer this week’s discussion question somewhere on the web (publicly visible, of course) before Monday of next week (8/19), when I choose a winner!

This Week’s Giveaway Prizes

  • Signed copy of Courtney Moulton’s Angelfire
  • Angelfire swag!
  • Signed copy of Something Strange & Deadly or A Darkness Strange & Lovely
  • Signed SS&D swag!

To sign up for this week’s giveaway, fill out this form after you’ve answered Week 2’s discussion question. Remember, you can answer EITHER the question for book 1 OR book 2. 🙂

And of course, you can still (if you haven’t yet) sign up for the participation prize by filling out this form after you’ve answered a single discussion question.

Something Strange & Deadly Discussion Question #2

Magic and ghostly elements frequent the Something Strange and Deadly series. Even though corpses do awaken from time to time and hauntings are hardly that uncommon, the people of Philadelphia seem determined to pretend the Dead are not a growing threat.

Do you think that’s part of human nature? To push on and ignore the danger at our door? Or do you think Philadelphia’s ignorance—or for that matter, any ignorance/false sense of safety in modern days as well—can be pinned on politicians? Can you think of any examples where something similar happened, but rather than the Dead, it was a natural disaster/growing crime rate/etc.?

Historical Extra:

In Something Strange & Deadly, I made casket bells a warning for the living that corpses were awakening, but back in the day, casket bells were actually there in case you returned to life and needed to get out! Victorians were super paranoid about being buried alive, so some clever soul invented the safety coffin. Never be buried alive again! Learn about real casket bells and safety coffins!

A Darkness Strange & Lovely Discussion Question #2

Eleanor finds herself increasingly dependent on Oliver. She claims she does not trust him, yet she continues to turn to him for help and guidance. Do YOU trust him? Or do you think, were you in her shoes with Hell Hounds at your heels and Marcus not further behind, you would reject Oliver’s offers of “help?”

Historical Extra:

Explore the interior of a Victorian steamer like the one Eleanor sails on!

Alrighty, my friend! That’s week 2 for our discussion of Something Strange & Deadly and A Darkness Strange & Lovely! Stay tuned for some fun play-list-y things on Wednesday , and on Friday, I’ll have a list of all the discussions going on across the web!

Oh, and in case you missed my reading of a brief excerpt from Something Strange & Deadly, you can check it out right here!

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