Crits for Water, 2013

200x200icritforcleanwaterFor the past two years, my friend (and wonderful writer), Kat Brauer, has been organizing and running an AMAZING charity called Crits for Water. Basically, authors, editors, and agents donate critiques, and in turn, writers can bid on them. All the money raised in the auctions then goes to the fabulous organization charity: water, who helps provide clean water to those without.

Also, did I mention that for every $1 you bid, Kat critiques 250 words? You don’t have to only bid on the industry pro critiques! Just handing over a few bucks will get you some brilliant feedback.

And I do mean brilliant–Kat is an incredible writer. She helped me get Something Strange & Deadly in shape for querying, and my series wouldn’t be where it is today if not for her. Seriously, Kat’s critique skills are beyond awesome, guys.

Also also, I should point out that despite ALL the stuff Kat had going on in her life last year, she still spent months of her time catching up on all the critiques. And she did it to help other writers and, above all, to help those in need of clean water.

In 2011, Kat managed to raise almost $7000, which built this well in Ethiopia. I actually started crying when I saw where my money and critiquing had gone. We really CAN make a difference, guys! Isn’t that an amazing feeling?

Then last year, Kat raised over $15000. Can you IMAGINE how many people that she–and all the rest of us who donated time and money–has helped?

Well, it should come as no surprise that Kat is hosting another year of Crits for Water (even though she is SO CRAZY BUSY that I cannot even begin to comprehend how she has the time). 4 critiques have already passed, but there are still a ton left!

Beginning the morning of 9/26 (Thursday) and ending 9/27, you can win a critique for me. A 10 page + query critique will go to the highest bidder. 🙂

Here are some other awesome people you could win from:

  • 24 September – Jodi Meadows, author of the INCARNATE trilogy, is offering a 1500 word critique for FIVE winners.
  • 26 September – Susan Dennard (ME!)  is offering a fabulous 10 page + query critique.
  • 27 September – Kendra Highley, is offering a critique of the first 50 pages.
  • 08 October – Roni Loren is offering a 10 page + query critique.
  • 10 October – Ashlyn Macnamara is offering a query critique.
  • 04 November – Agent Emmanuelle Morgen of Stonesong is offering a 1500 word critique
  • 06 November – Sherry Thomas is offering a 1500 word critique
  • 06 November – Michael Martinez is offering a generous 10k + query critique
  • 14 November – The ever-helpful Janice Hardy is offering a first three chapter critique

So please, if you’re in need of some critiquing or just want to help an amazing cause, stop by Crits for Water 2013.

See you at Friday’s auction! 😉