Ready, set…GO!

Perfect time

The perfect time to start something never arrives…UNLESS  it’s NaNoWriMo time. It is truly the most perfect moment to start writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Never will there be so many people braving the same terrifying path at your side, ready to commiserate and ready to cheer.

So let’s DO THIS, guys. Let’s write a book. Or let’s rebel and revise a book. Whatever it is you want to undertake, let’s do it together and let’s do it NOW.

Because today is DAY 1 in National Novel Writing Month 2013, and for the next 30 days, we’ll type until our wrists ache, our eyes cross, and our necks cramp. And it’s going to be awesome.

So stop by the Daily Word Count and Accomplishments forum to share your triumphs for the day! Drop into the Writing Sprint Race Track to set up a sprint or a start a #BAMFWordBattle on Twitter. And of course, if you haven’t yet, introduce yourself and let us know what YOUR goals are for this NaNoWriMo–be it reaching 50K words or rebelling (like me).

And now I’m off to work, my friends! Because today IS the perfect time to start something.

See you in the bootcamp or on Twitter!