LTWF: Modeling Protagonists After Real Life Heroes

Heroes.  Real, genuine heroes — the people who live and breathe like the rest of us, but somehow stand apart.  Stand taller.  Earn our admiration and respect.
In Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook, Donald Maass starts off by asking you to list your heroes.  Why are they are your heroes?  What about them is heroic — what qualities do they possess?

Then he goes on to tell you to try to infuse your story’s main characters with these qualities.

Can you do it?  Can you name your heroes?

These are mine: (Read more…)

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Swoon-worthiest heroes and other Very Important Life Questions

I thought it’d be fun to hear your opinions on something that I hold very near to my heart:

Good-Looking Guys

Yeah, I know you were probably expecting something profound or life-altering, but I’m not a very profound person and my life is pretty static.

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