How I Met My Frenchman

Me, looking awesome as Link from the Legend of Zelda. Admit it: you want my shield.

I imagine most of you don’t care to hear this story, but someone asked and I thought, “Why not? It’s not the most terrible story ever.” Plus, I have super sparse internet right now (like, only when I’m at a coffee shop), and this seemed like an easy enough post. 😉

Once upon a time…

Ha. Just kidding. It all happened one fall Friday when I was in graduate school for marine science. My department was hosting a costume party, and I was dressed up as Link (from the Legend of Zelda).

I looked pretty BAMF with my home-made shield and costume (or I sure thought I looked BAMF…though I didn’t win the costume contest), and an hour or so into the party, I was a wee bit tipsy and being quite the social butterfly—something I normally am not.

As I sat talking to a fellow grad student at the bar where this party was hosted, a young man in a Hawaiian shirt with a camera around her his shirt entered the bar. (Read more…)

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LTWF: Differents Types of Romance, or My Love For You Can’t Be Labeled

When it comes to romance in YA (or really any novel), how the romantically-involved characters first meet is dictated very much by the type of romance you want to create. For example, what’s wrong with this picture:

Scene 1: Boy meets girl. They meet eyes; their hearts skip a beat. He comes over and is ridiculously swoon-worthy.

Scene 2: Boy picks on girl. She retorts with her own insults, and soon they’re quarreling.

Yeah, those two scenes sound like two different kinds of romance, don’t they? Scene 1 fits with #1 below, and scene 2 is more of a #2 from the list. (Read more…)

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This one’s for you

Sometimes, blogging gets tiring.

Sometimes, I can’t come up with anything to say, so I resort to being goofy.

Sometimes, I wonder why the heck I even write at all because–let’s be honest–there’s a special kind of stress that’s unique to writing.

And then I’ll get an email or a blog comment or a tweet, and I’ll remember I do all of this because of you.

Yeah, you read that right: the reason I keep striving is YOU, my fellow readers and writers and friends. (Read more…)

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