Where Something Strange and Deadly came from…

It should come as no surprise that sometimes people ask me where I came up with the idea for Something Strange and Deadly. My usual response involves a rambling, convoluted explanation about planets aligning, mystical dreams, and goat sacrifices.

Well, I finally decided to just write it all out coherently.

But if I’m going to be totally honest with you, I have to admit that the idea for and gradual creation of Something Strange and Deadly was pretty rambling–I was, after all, a total NOOB to writing when I started this project.

So…where did Something Strange and Deadly came from?

Wait for it!

Wait for it!!


Yeah, it doesn’t get much more cliche than that, does it?


I dreamed my brother went missing, so I turned to a ghost-hunting team for help.Β  The team had lots of gadgets and a cool lab, and the team’s members were of various ages/nationalities. In particular, there was an Asian girl and an African American boy.

So, I took that dream and crafted the Spirit-Hunters.Β  Then I started adding in other elements based on what I thought would be entertaining and would also add the most conflict.

Actually, you’ll probably laugh at how UN-scientific or clever my methods were for choosing a time, a place, and a paranormal twist.Β  And you’d definitely laugh at how many drafts I went through to get it to where it is today…Β  Well, you’d either laugh or pat me on the shoulder and say, “Poor you.”

I’ll talk more about woefully ignorant methods for choosing the storie’s backdrop on Wednesday, but in the mean time,

You tell me: Where did you get the idea for YOUR first novel?