Giveaway reminder…because #PubCrawlisComing!

Guys, guys, GUYS!

Pub(lishing) Crawl launches tomorrow!

I know you’re probably sick of hearing about it…but I just have to remind you all one more time! Seriously, there is gonna be so much swag this week…and then the next week and the next week and even the NEXT! Books and critiques and more!!

So check back tomorrow for the official Pub(lishing) Crawl link. We’ll be introducing our first new member (one of six!), and giving away a very high-demand ARC.

Oh, and don’t forget to enter in my giveaways! There’s still time running on all three–Monday’s (a copy of Erica O’Rourke’s Torn and Leila Sales’ Past Perfect), Wednesday’s (a copy of John Marsden’s Tomorrow, When the War Began and Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It), and Friday’s (a copy of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and Louis Sachar’s Holes).

So stay tuned and see you soon!