Pub(lishing) Crawl in T minus 3 days!

Pub(lishing) Crawl launches on MONDAY guys!! We at Let the Words Flow are so, so, SO excited. I know I’m harping on this, but I seriously think you guys are gonna like what we’ve put together.

For one: we have a giveaway planned for EVERY SINGLE DAY in January.

For two: not only do we have new (and well-known) authors joining our team, we have industry professionals coming to the table.

For three: we’ve got a whole slew of fresh content that will range from reading to writing life to industry news to interviews.

If you haven’t already signed up for the giveaways on Monday (a copy of Erica O’Rourke’s Torn and a copy of Leila Sales’ Past Perfect) and on Wednesday (Susan Beth Pfeffer’s Life As We Knew It and John Marsden’s Tomorrow, When the War Began), then be sure to!

THEN, fill out the little widget-form-thingy below for an entry in today’s giveaway! I’m giving away copies of two of my all-time favorite books: Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and Louis Sachar’s Holes.

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