Poll: Which necklace would YOU pick?

So, I had all these plans for a profound post on advertising and insecurities, but then I realized TODAY was Wednesday…and I should have posted something hours ago.

Sigh. If I can just make it to October, things will start to settle down then…erm, right??

Anyway, rather than my profound post (which will have to save for later since those things take hours to write), I thought I’d use today’s slot to ask you guys for help.

I’m making a bunch of necklaces for giveaways and also author events, but I’m not totally sure if I should focus my efforts on Something Strange & Deadly themed necklaces or more generic steampunk ones…

If you have a few minutes, would you mind letting me know which you would prefer? (And sorry in advance; the pictures aren’t the best…)

Imagine: you’re at an author’s signing (erm, mine…), and if you buy a copy of the book, you get to make a piece of jewelry. Nothing fancy–just an antique-style chain with a few beads and a charm (such as a steampunk-style key or gear/cog). It’s meant to be fun but also to symbolize the importance jewelry plays in the book (I won’t tell you how! It’s a secret!).


[polldaddy poll=6346975]

generic steampunk
SS&D themed necklace

[polldaddy poll=6347008]

bicycle pendant
hot air balloon pendant
invention thingy + tree branch pendant

[polldaddy poll=6347011]

cover model pendant
skull pendant
magic, muscles, machines pendant
book title pendant

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Thanks for helping me out guys.

Oh, and don’t forget all the giveaways and TRAILER SNEAK PEEK going on over at the Official Something Strange and Deadly website. 🙂

Now, you tell me: is this whole make-your-own-steampunk-jewelry thing stupid for an author signing? Would you be annoyed by it in a bookstore or more interested and willing to check out what’s going on?