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Happy Friday, world!! Thank you for another  FUN week in our book club discussion! Your answers are all so insightful–I’m honestly thoroughly impressed.

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If you missed my playlist on Wednesday, be sure to check out the music I imagine with the Dynamite Factory scene–assuming your there in the book. If not, you can save the explanation of the playlist for later. 😉

If you haven’t yet stopped by the Epic Reads discussion board, please do! They’ve got some fun conversations going on. To remind you of the discussion question on HERE this week:

Magic and ghostly elements frequent the Something Strange and Deadly series. Even though corpses do awaken from time to time and hauntings are hardly that uncommon, the people of Philadelphia seem determined to pretend the Dead are not a growing threat.

Do you think that’s part of human nature? To push on and ignore the danger at our door? Or do you think Philadelphia’s ignorance—or for that matter, any ignorance/false sense of safety in modern days as well—can be pinned on politicians? Can you think of any examples where something similar happened, but rather than the Dead, it was a natural disaster/growing crime rate/etc.?

Most people seem to think that yes, it is human nature to ignore what’s right outside our door and just keep on living. I really loved all the various examples people chose through history and present day to really display this–KUDOS TO YOU GUYS for  being so smart.

Below, I have all the links to discussions that YOU have shared with me so far, so feel free to hop around and interact with each other. And if you want yours added to the list make sure you fill out this form. 🙂

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