Something Strange & Deadly Movie Cast…if a movie actually existed

I know I’ve shared my various desired actresses/actors for Something Strange & Deadly, the Movie (coming to a theater near you in the summer of never), but I’m not sure I’ve ever shared my ideal movie cast on my website.

So, as part of the Something Strange & Deadly Book Club, I thought I’d lay out all the faces I see in my one day award-winning film. 😉

Something Strange & Deadly, the Movie

Eleanor Fitt

"I could keep quiet. But that didn't mean I would." (p. 89 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by Rachel Hurd-Wood. When she has blond hair, of course. But seriously, I love the way this actress can look so feminine and yet so feisty.

Clarence Wilcox

"The tightness of his lips showed none of his usual charm, and the rest of his face showed a bone-deep weariness." (p.142 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by the swoony Ben Barnes because he’s swoony. And intense. Also, can we discuss how this screencap below could easily have been taken from Something Strange & Deadly, the Movie?

"Promise." He yanked me closer until his face was inches from mine. "Promise!" (p.198 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Allison Wilcox

"Or perhaps Allison's exceptional beauty came from her obvious joy--she basked in the happy warmth I had envisioned for myself." (p. 16 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by Emma Roberts. She’s just so pretty (I love her with dark hair) and I think she could totally be a match for Ben Barnes’s sister, no?

Daniel Sheridan

"...I inspected him right back. I searched for signs of wickedness. In the faint glow of moonlight that trickled through the hall's windows, all I could see was the lanky young man I'd grown accustomed to." (p. 246 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by Max Irons. Seriously, this guy is the perfect Daniel. If only he had an American accent….but still, I think he has the perfect looks, perfect arrogant smile, and perfect intensity for Daniel.

Jie Chen

"Now that I knew he was a she it seemed obvious--the soft curve of her face, the grace in her tiny hands, and the definite roundness near her bosom." (p. 127 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by Tang Wei. I used to say Jessica Lu (who I still think is awesome, btw), but I recently saw Tang Wei and just loved her. She’s just got the right smirk–and the right arch in her eyebrow.

Joseph Boyer

"He was the most elegant young gentleman I'd ever seen." (p. 58 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by Anthony Mackie. First off, I think this actor is gorgeous–so that works well since Joseph is supposed to be handsome. I also think he has the right quiet presence that Joseph has. And again, ungh. He’s so beautiful.

Elijah Fitt

"Elijah would show up at any minute, his bony face laughing and his spectacles sliding down his nose." (p. 7 in Something Strange & Deadly)

Played by Nicholas Hoult. So, I realize Hoult is all swoony now, but I have adored this actor since About a Boy (which is one of my all time favorite movies. Ever.). I think young Hoult is the perfect little bullied Elijah…

"You're so big." I laughed through my sobs. "And so dirty! Mama would die if she saw you." (p. 308 in Something Strange & Deadly)

And present day Hoult is a fabulous older Elijah. I also think Hoult is such a brilliant actor he could convincingly play Elijah’s warped sense of self…

And there you have it! The line-up for Something Strange & Deadly, the Movie (coming to a theater near you in my wildest dreams). Who do YOU see playing the various characters?