Charity Auction: Win a Critique + Truthwitch ARC



Hey guys, in an attempt to do my part for the world, I wanted to start an initiative to raise money for different causes close to my heart. The idea is that every 2 months, I will pick a different charity or NGO and then auction off some items — critiques, advanced copies, signed stuff, etc.

Whoever bids the most will win! That money will then go to the charity/NGO, and I’ll match the donation from my own pocket.

Seeing as I don’t know how much people will even want critiques or signed stuff from me (and therefore I don’t even know how much I can help the world), I thought I’d sample the waters before throwing myself in completely.

So let’s do this! Charity Auction #1!



What You Can Win

  1. A signed Truthwitch advanced reader copy (American version or UK version!)
  2. A 25-page critique!
  3. A 15 minute Skype chat to discuss the critique, publishing, whatever!

Who You’d Be Helping

UnicefWe have a serious refugee problem around the world, guys. People are risking everything they have — their lives, their well-being, their homes — in order to get themselves and their families to safer nations. From Central Americans fleeing the drug cartels to Syrians fleeing unrelenting violence, there are so many people losing their lives in the search of a better one.

And so, so, SO many children are lost as well. Separated from their parents. Kidnapped. Killed.

As a person fortunate enough to be in a “safer” nation, it’s up to me (and to YOU!) to help our fellow humans — people just like us — find safety, stability, and happiness.

UNICEF USA is a 4-star charity, meaning 90% of their money goes directly to their cause of helping children worldwide.

So let’s do what we can to help the world’s child refugees, be they from Syria, Central America, Somalia, or anywhere else. Remember what you have; remember what they lack; and let’s try to fill that gap.

How to Participate

  1. Leave a comment below with your bid amount.
  2. You can leave as many bids as you want, if you need to raise your offer!
  3. The auction will close at 12PM EST on November 13, 2015. (4 weeks from now!)
  4. The highest bid will win, and I’ll contact the winner!
  5. Note: this is international! No boundaries here for prizes or good deeds!



Thanks, everyone — for reading. For spreading the word. For simply reading this blog post. If the auction goes well, then I’ll repeat it in December (with new prizes and incentives + a new charity!). And maybe I’ll make a flashier looking blog post/graphic for it then too. 😉

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