Query Critique #8: The Insect Collector

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Dear Dream Agent,

(Personal sentence describing why I am soliciting this agent.)

Beatrice Thompson is sixteen, worried about Darfur and climate change, and quickly getting in over her head with her summer job.

Beatrice loves insects. She loves watching their behavior, capturing them, and pinning them. Spending time in their world helps her ignore her own. It helps her forget that she’s been left out both at school and in her own family. At school, her bug-craziness doesn’t fit in with everyone’s boy-craziness. At home, her mom and sister are perfectly-matched BFFs.

It is summer, and Bea has a babysitting gig working for her idol scientist Mrs. Anderson. After a few days of work, Bea realizes that things are not rosy in the Anderson home. As Bea takes a closer look, she realizes the Anderson family has serious problems. It could be a divorce, but it could be something far worse.

If the issues with the summer job aren’t enough, she’s also developing feelings for her close friend Willem. Whether with the Andersons or with Willem, Beatrice’s choice is the same: to decide to keep her distance from life or to dive in.

When five-year-old James Anderson gets pulled into the mystery, she no longer has a choice. She has to risk it all, if only to save him.

A young adult novel, THE INSECT COLLECTOR, is complete at 41,000 words. I include the first chapter below, as instructed by your website.


Katharine Owens


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